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Minolta MD – Sony NEX Unbranded Adapter | Any good?

Minolta MD to Sony E adapter
  A few months ago I ended up buying my first Minolta MC lens.  The Minolta MC Rokkor 50mm 1.7 is my first  Lens from this manufacturer.  The reviews were really good on it (Will post my own shortly) So I got this one and a couple of others listed below.  I had no way of using them on my Sony cameras so I needed an adapter right away.  I took a chance on this one after reading some of the eBay feedback on it and it just does not disappoint.

Build Quality:

  • This feels like it is made full of metal.  The eBay listing I got it from says it’s probably made from metal but they are not sure as they got it from China.  I have used it on all of my 7 minolta lenses (MD & MC) and I have had no issues.  The images look really good on it as well.


Price for the Money:

  • I paid $14 on ebay from this same seller.  It’s not a branded adapter but for the money i took a chance.  Worth it.  


User Experience:

  • I like this adapter.  It works on MD,MC and SR Minolta lenses.  I have had no issues with it.  Wish I could learn more about it and who made it but alas, it is unbranded.  Im going to try other adapters and will compare them to this one but so far I really like my experience with this adapter.  It gets the job done.  I am able to use minolta lenses on my Sony E – mount cameras which is all I wanted to do with this.  

Lenses I use this adapter with:

  • MD Macro 50mm 3.5
  • MC Rokkor – PF 58mm 1.7
  • Minolta MD 28mm 2.8
  • MC Rokkor -PF 58mm 1.4
  • MC Rokkor H.G 35mm 2.8
  • MD Rokkor – X 45mm 1:2
  • MD Rokkor – X 75mm-200mm

The Lens Hooche Verdict

Ive had this adapter for about a few months now.  The images I get from it are good.  I like the built and the image quality i get from the tests runs ive done with all of my Minolta lenses.  I took a star off just because of the lack of manufacturer information that I have.  No clue who in China built it or if theres even a manufacturer warranty on it (doubt it).  I still recommended if you want to start shooting vintage minolta glass at a budget price. If you are just starting of get this before you get a more expensive one.

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