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SD to CF Compact Flash Adapter | Canon 1D Compatible

CF to SD Adapter

I ended up picking up a couple of the Canon 1D’s because I love their ergonomics, how good the cameras feel in the hand and the images they produce.  Before that I picked up a Canon 5D Mark II with a battery grip.   When the camera’s came in I realized they only take CF Cards (1D Mark IV takes SD in second slot).  These are much more older, bigger and generally more expensive cards than the typical Scandisk sd v30 cards you pick up for stills.  I wasnt ready to pay the premium for a CF card yet so i wanted something more economical that I can use for the shots i want to take with my Canon 1Ds and 5D Mark II.  After some research I came across this SD to CF type adapter on Amazon.  It didnt have many reviews so I took the risk being they are only $15.


Technical Specifications on Amazon:

  • Support 16/32/64/128GB Standard SD card.Support: SD SDHC SDXC
  • Can put the SD card to the CF type I slot. Don’t support CF-2
  • Can put the SD card to the CF type I slot. Don’t support CF-2 Camera SD SDHC SDXC to High-Speed Extreme Compact Flash CF Type I Memory Card Adapter 
  • Storage Capacity: 128gb


Build Quality:

  • This rectangular device is made of thick plastic.  It just works.


Price for the Money:

  • I paid $15 for the adapter plus $18 for the SD card to use with it.  Still alot cheaper for one of the CF cards you can get today.


User Experience:

  • 5 months in it works on all my cameras (1D Mark IV,Mark III, 5D Mark II).  This thing is good for stills but does have slow write speeds.  If you need something faster you will need to get a good CF card.  For stills, this does the job for me.



The Lens Hooche Verdict

The amazon page on this device will say “it works on the following devices” but non are listed lol.  Looks like the seller forgot to add what cameras you can use this adapter on.  The cameras I can vouche for that this adapter works on are mine.  If you dont want to spend the big bucks on a CF card (I will at some point) this adapter is an excellent start for Canon users.  Not once has it dropped any image i’ve taken and it just works.  Good bang for the buck for stills.  Note i said STILLS.  For sports, you will need to pay for the more expensive and reliable CF cards


Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I may earn a small commission, which helps support the maintenance and costs of this website as well as future lens purchases for reviews. Thank you for your support! 🙌📸

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