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Tilta Full Cage – Sony A7C II | Review

Tilta Full Cage -YT (1)

  I ended up buying this cage because i just didnt like the hand grip currently made available by sony for the A7C II.  I have pretty big hands so i wanted a grip to be able to have all my fingers on the camera body.  This cage does exactly that for me.  It protects my camera and gives me the extra centimeters i need to be able to fully have a grasp on the camera body with one hand.  I bought the camera because it allows me to have a compact set up on my desk.  The Tilta cage allows me to have a full grip on the camera whenever I am out shooting my vintage glass.

Technical Specifications:

  • Cage Dimensions: 140X57X91mm
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 150g
  • Colors: Black, Titanium Alloy

Build Quality:

  • This cage is made of aluminum alloy.  Feels very good in the hands.  Has a nice little heft to it.  Not too heavy, not too light.  I bought the gray color because eventually when it gets scratched, you wont notice the scratches as much as you would with black.  I bought it this past december and so far its holding my camera well and looks brand new.


Price for the Money:

  • I paid $57 for the cage during Tilta’s holiday sale in 2023.  You can currently get it on Tilta’s website for $65.  I bought it as a grip mainly and so far its doing a fantastic job.  Protects my camera well (knocking on wood, still have not dropped it though but glad I got this cage to protect the sides).


User Experience:

  • I like this cage.  It has a ton of holes for you to add many accessories to it.  So far, i only have my Rode mic on top and my Joby 3k screwed on the bottom of it.  I will eventually add a side handle for taking shots but so far it does the two jobs i got it for: (a) better camera grip & (b) camera protection (with some caveats though)

The Lens Hooche Verdict

  The actual sony branded camera grip for this camera goes for about $150 as of the time of this post.  For about a third of that, I got a very well made cage that protects my camera (most angles) and works as a camera grip for those extra centimeters i need to get my whole hand on this camera for when i am shooting my vintage lenses.  Very well made and will take a drop easily (wont test that with my camera).  I took off half a star because it doesnt protect the back.  I think you would add more weight to the cage if it did that so i am more than ok with the current design.  This cage was made to add additional accessories to your camera.  You can turn your A7C II into an actual video rig if you want with this Tilta cage and all the accesories you can add to it.  If that is your use case definitely get it.   If you need the extra centimeters for a better grip get it.  If you want 100% protection keep in mind the back is exposed if you drop it.

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