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Delkin Devices 64GB SDXC II UHS-II V90 Memory Card Review

  For this review I contacted Delkin Devices who have offices out of Poway, Ca.  Their marketing manager was kind enough to send a couple of memory cards for me to review.  I was in luck because i had yet to be able to push the video recording capabilities of the Sony A7C II until this memory card came in.  You can record 8k video with these cards so that was my first intention when i got it, can it push the video capabilities of the Sony A7CII for the best possible video quality?  Yes, it can.  Usually when i used my UHS-I V60 card the camera would complain giving me the message that the card cannot support the selected video quality.  This card can with no issues in the month I have had it for review.

Technical Specifications:  

  • The Delkin Devices Power memory card boasts a 64GB storage capacity with UHS-II technology and a V90 video speed class rating. It offers read speeds up to 300 MB/s and write speeds up to 250 MB/s, making it ideal for uninterrupted 8K, 4K, 3D, HDR, and 360-degree recordings.  I recorded a couple of YouTube videos with it and the quality was as expected, good.

Build Quality:

  • Designed for durability, the card is shockproof, x-ray proof, and waterproof, ensuring your data is protected in harsh environments. Its robust construction is tailored for professional use.


Price for the Money:

  •  You can get the Delkin Devices 64GB V90 for $36.27.  For a card that can do 8k that is a fantastic deal in my opinion, specially since you get a lifetime warranty.  V30 cards go for that price right now.  


User Experience: 

  • For photographers and videographers, the card’s high-speed performance means less waiting time for data transfer and more time shooting on the field. I had a seamless experience when capturing high-resolution images and videos, with no lag or dropped frames. The card’s capacity and speed are particularly beneficial for those working with large raw files and high bit-rate video streams.  I did run out of space in the field after recording a few videos and shooting images so i just formatted the card then and there (my work was already saved).  No issue for me but i do suggest getting more memory if you are recording 8k videos.

The Lens Hooche Verdict

   The Delkin Devices 64GB V90 UHS II card has been doing the job since I have been using it.  It has never dropped an image, I can record at 8k and most of all I don’t even know that its there.  I think that is what you want when you purchase a memory card.  Shooting a 5 minute video at 8k does take up 2GB of space so keep that in mind.  Delkin Devices does have a 128GB, and 512GB memory cards in this Power line up.  If you are shooting video exclusively I suggest going up in space.  You cant beat these cards and their lifetime warranty.

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