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Fotasy M42 -Sony E mount Adapter | Review

Fotasy M42-E Adapter WP

  The Fotasy M42 Lens to E Mount Adapter was the first adapter i bought to start using non native sony lenses on my sony cameras.  It got me in the game to a whole new world I didnt know existed.  I first got this adapter to use my Helios 44-2 on my Sony A7C II.  The rest is history.  I got a Helios 44m, a bunch of Asahi Super Takumar lenses, Cimko and other helios lenses.  It has worked on all of them with absolutely zero issues what so ever.   I will be posting reviews on here shortly for those lenses.  Bottom line, this thing works with all of them on my Sony A7II and Sony A7C II.


Technical Specifications:

  • Per amazon, where i got mine:  “It allows M42 42mm Screw Mount Lens (eg, Pentax Super Takumar, Helios etc) to fit on your Sony E-Mount Mirrorless Camera Body”.

Build Quality:

  • Alloy metal.  Exact material unknown.


Price for the Money:

  • You are paying $10 to get into the m42 screw system for your Sony E mount cameras.


User Experience:

  • I wrote on my IG for Lens Hooche Reviews that in my opinion this is the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) of lens adapters. Match up the little red dot on the adapter to your white dot on your camera, turn right, hear the click and boom…you are set.  There is no electronic connection with this adapter to your camera so keep that in mind.  Get comfortable with shooting manual.
 List of lenses i am using this adapter on:
  • Asahi Super Takumar 55mm/1:2
  • Asahi Super Takumar 28mm/3.5
  • Asahi Super Takumar 55mm/1.8
  • Asahi Super Takumar 135mm/3.5
  • Asahi Super Takumar 35mm/3.5
  • Asahi Super Takumar 105mm/2.8
  • Asahi Super Takumar 200mm/1:4
  • Cimko 135mm/2.8
  • Helios 44-2
  • Helios 44M KMZ
  • Helios 44m-3
  • Helios 44m-4
  • Helios 44m-5
  • Helios 44m-6

The Lens Hooche Verdict

  This little ball of metal introduced me to the world of m42 lenses.  Works with no issues on my Helios 44-2, 44M, Super Takumar, Cimko lenses and i am sure it will work on the rest as long as they are m42 screw lenses.  Does Fotasy make a phenomenal m42 to E adapter, YES.  Get it (link above).  I have a bunch of their adapters I will be posting reviews on (the FD to E is not the best for example) but this one is.  For $10 you get to open up a whole new world of lenses to your Sony cameras.  This one is worth it and it is very good.  5 months in, no issues so far and ive dropped it on concrete several times.  dinged up but still working.  There’s better ones out there but for me, this is good enough i dont feel the need to upgrade when it does what i need it to do.





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