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FotodioX Pro FD – Sony E Pro Lens Adapter | Review

Fotodiox Pro FD FL NEX Adapter


  I have been taking all of my shots with my canon fd/fl lenses with a couple of adapters made in China.  I never gave it much thought until a couple of days ago my Canon FD 100mm lens, mounted on my camera, fell to the floor while I was taking pictures of my sisters pets.  I panicked, stuck my foot out and prayed in those milliseconds that my lens made it out ok.  It hit my big toe and rolled to the ground.  After inspection the lens luckily suffered no damage.  The Canon FD/FL lenses I used on these adapters always felt a little shaky.  I never cared until that day.  It was time to upgrade.  Luckily I had reached out to Fotodiox Pro for a product review on a couple of their lenses.  One of their adapters is this one.  The Fotodiox Pro FD/FL- NEX lens adapter.  Right out of the box this thing has the right weight to it.  I wanted to try it out right away and decided to head out the next day I got it to see if the upgrade is worth it.  There is a $50 difference between this adapter and the one I own.  Is the cost worth the upgrade?


Technical Specifications:

  • Mount: Canon FD and Canon FL 35mm to Sony E mount mirrorless cameras
  • Adapter Construction: Metal with chrome plated brass mount
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Compatibility List: Click Here

Build Quality:

  •  This adapter is part of the Fotodiox “Pro” line of lens adapters.  You can just feel the quality in your hand.  It has a very nice weight to it.  The knob to secure your lens when turning left turns with the right pressure.


Price for the Money:

  • This adapter costs $64.95 as of the writing of this post.  The lens I used this on (Canon FD 100mm SSC) cost me $100+ USD.  In total I have 5 FD lenses and 3 FL lenses as of today.  I think i have about a little under $1K invested in these vintage canon lenses.  Is the price of this adapter worth it knowing (a) its a solidly built adapter, (b) it wont drop my lenses.  Absolutely.  Taking this adapter around town with my lenses I feel confident I can take my shot with it not affecting my pictures or dropping my lens (My previous adapter did just that).  If you are investing good money on your lenses, protect them with a good lens adapter like this one.  I had no wiggle when I used this adapter on my lenses.  Solid fit.  Even as I moved my arm pretty fast around to take different shots around me the adapter held on to my lens with no shake.


User Experience:

  • This adapter is easy to use.  It feels very well built in my hand and more importantly it completely locks my lens into my Sony A7C II and Sony A7 II.  The images look excellent as well.
Shots with Sony A7C II: 

Shots with Sony A7 II:


The Lens Hooche Verdict

    I am very lucky my toe broke this lens fall and nothing happened to it.  I would have been out $100+.  I got a deal and its a pain to find this lens in the condition it is in now (mint).  I do not want to have to lose my lenses to a faulty lens adapter.  I had not taken this lens out again until these last couple of days for this review and I just feel safe my lens will be good to go with this adapter.  It feels rock solid mounted on my camera.  It does not shake at all and it gives me the shot I am expecting with this Goat of a lens.  The Fotodiox Pro FD to Sony NEX adapter is a solid piece of equipment that will keep your FD/FL collection safe on your camera for years (2 year warranty) to come.  Pay the extra couple of dollars and get this adapter.  Protect your investment.  Your FD/FL lenses will thank you.


You can now get it with 10% Off.  Follow the link below with code: LensHooche10.


Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I may earn a small commission, which helps support the maintenance and costs of this website.  The adaptor was provided by Fotodiox Pro for review purposes only and will be returned.  No money was exchanged between both parties to review their product.   Thank you for your support! 🙌 📸

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