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FotodioX Pro M42 Type 2 Adapter | Review



  The FotodioX Pro M42 Adapter is an adapter made for m42 lenses.  Wether if its Asahi Pentax, Helios, Jupiter, Industar, Carl Zeiss, Tair, there are a ton of lens options you can use for pretty much any kind of modern camera or dslr.  I have been testing out this Sony E adapter on my Sony A7CII and Sony A7II with a couple of Helios lenses.  I have reviews for the following lenses with this adapter.  I also shot this on two other lenses but wont post them until I have fully reviewed them:

Helios 44-3

Helios 44m-4

  When purchasing an adapter like this you want it to do do three things: (a)not shake when the lens is on it, (b)have a nice click when you first insert your lens to it to make sure the lens is secured and for it to not have any effect on your images.  This adapter hits those three points.  Its small, rugged and dependable.  Looking at post on my images I saw no distortion on my images in the corners or center.  When you purchase an adapter you want it to be light and you want it to get out of the way when shooting.  You don’t really notice this adapter when you are using it because it is light weight.  I like that.

Technical Specifications:

  •  The adapter is made to work with most Sony E mount cameras. Here is a list.
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Item Model Number: M42-SnyE-Pro-V2
  • Warranty: 24 months.

Build Quality:

  • All metal construction.  

Price for the Money:

  •  The adapter at the time of this post is at $24 on FotodioX Pro’s website.  Save yourself 10% off with code: LensHooche10.


User Experience:

  •  You dont really notice this thing when you are out and about shooting because it is light.  When mounting your lens, just screw it all the way in until you hear a low click.  Same for your camera and walla, you are set.  Bottom line, this thing is made well, it gets out of the way and thats all you can ask for.  


The Lens Hooche Verdict

  This adapter is light, it gets out of the way, it has a two year warranty and FotodioX pro has a phone number and  email you can reach out to if you have problems with it.  I havent had to contact them about it yet and I dont think I will.  I have 17 (so far) M42 lenses and so far this is one of the options I want to use on them.



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