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FotodioX Pro Minolta Rokkor SR/MD/MC Adapter – Review


   The FotodioX Pro MD adapter for Sony E is a pretty good adapter.  You can mount it on your tripod if you have need a stable shot.  I shot this adapter with 3 of my minolta lenses (the 75-200mm Rokkor X Zoom, Minolta 28mm 3.5 and Minolta 58mm F1.4). When paired with the Sony E-mount camera, the Fotodiox Pro MD adapter maintains image quality.  The resulting images are sharp and distortion-free, preserving the character of your vintage glass.  Keep in mind this adapter is manual focus only so it lacks electronic communication with the lens.


Technical Specifications:

  • Mounts: Minolta Rokkor SR/MD/MC lenses to Sony E cameras.
  • Construction: All metal construction with chrome plated mounts.
  • Focus: Infinity focus if lens allows it.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

Build Quality:

  •  The adapter is made of all metal with chrome plated mounts.  The thread looks like it will hold your lenses for years to come and FotodioX Pro will back that up with their 2 year warranty.


Price for the Money:

  • The adapter currently goes for $64.95.  Keep an eye out on FotodioX Pro’s website as they always have sales.  Below you can find a 10 percent – off  link for the adapter.  


User Experience:

  • This is a good adapter folks.  It is very well made.  It feels like it will last for a long time.  I didnt experience any issues shooting the three Minolta lenses that i tested both for botanical testing and out in San Diego.  I want to keep testing the Minolta 58mm 1.4 so keep an eye on that review but overall, for an adapter for my Minolta lenses, this is it.  I own 8 minolta lenses and I feel l can trust this adapter to stay out of the way and let me shoot and enjoy my shooting sessions with my Minolta lenses.  It was a joy to shoot my lenses with this adapter. 
Shots at Imperial Beach Pier Minolta Rokkor X 75-200mm: 

Minolta 28mm 3.5: 

Minolta 58mm 1.4: 

Video of Minolta Rokkor 75-200mm at Imperial Beach Pier:

Video of Minolta 28mm & FotodioX Pro MD Adapter:

Video of Minolta 58mm & FotodioX Pro MD Adapter at Safe Harbor Bayfront in Chula Vista Ca.:

The Lens Hooche Verdict

  This is a very well made adapter.  I really like that you can mount it to a tripod if you want.  I shot this adapter on 3 lenses and I am going to continue to shoot it with my other minolta lenses.  No shake, no image disruption.  It stays out of the way and it is built to last with a FotodioX Pro 2 year warranty.  If you have Minolta lenses or are getting into shooting these vintage lenses then you will most likely need an adapter.  If you are a Sony shooter this is a must have for your Minolta lenses.

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