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Joby GorillaPod 3k | Review

Joby3k Review



   I needed a tripod to hold my camera/lens for YouTube videos for my web design work and wanted something compact that could hold my Sony camera and lens so I went for the Joby 3K.  My initial set up was a Sigma 20mm 1.4 and Sony A7CII.  That set up was slightly too heavy for this tripod as the lens would slightly tilt forward when mounted on the tripod.  If that dropped I am out $$$ trying to replace that lens.  That 20mm is a fantastic lens but it is mainly a stargazing lens so I returned it and got the Sigma 16-28mm lens for video and content creation.  The 16-28mm lens is lighter and works perfectly with this  Tripod combo.  Eventually I plan to get a heavy duty tripod for my zoom lenses and Canon 1Ds.  This tripod could in no way handle that weight.  I am ok with that because it was not made to handle that kind of weight.  For compact set ups, this tripod is good enough.  If you have something slightly heavier I recommend you try the Joby 5k.  My current set up for video is The Sony A7C II, Sigma 16- 28 and a Rode mic.  The Joby 3k handles that weight with no problem.  First couple of videos I tried doing with my phone as its a much faster and easier set up but those sucked (this video uploaded with my phone via YouTube wasnt bad so i left it on).  Gotta try to do it right.  This Joby 3K is a good start in my opinion for small set ups/ YouTube head shot videos.


P.S that Sigma 20mm is absolutely gorgeous.  The video and shots it provides are fantastic.  Im going to get it again this year after I get a main Tripod.


Technical Specifications:

Material  ABS Plastic, Stainless steel, TPE, Aluminum
Item Weight  0.25 Kilograms
Weight Limit  6.6 Pounds


Build Quality:

  • This compact tripod feels well made and it fits on my desk.  It is used for my YouTube headshot videos and it is perfect for that.


Price for the Money:

  • For the $45 I paid, i think this device is worth it.  I use it for headshot videos placed on my desk and it covers the perfect height.  You just have to be aware of your camera and lens weight.  I tried using a Sigma 20mm and the lens would tilt slightly forward so this tripod is not strong enough for certain setups.  No issues with my Sigma 16-28mm and Sony A7CII. 


User Experience:

  • It does the job for what I use it for, a desk tripod.  It works fine with my Sony cameras and vintage glass but not with my heavier zoom lenses.  I will need a heavy duty tripod for that.

The Lens Hooche Verdict

If you have a similar set up to mine where your camera and lens are compact and light and you just  want a desk tripod you can take anywhere, get this Joby 3k.  If you have something heavier skip this.  This little guy for small set ups is ideal.  Ive had it for 6 months and still works like the first day I got it.




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