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Joilcan NH70 Tripod | 2 – Week Review

Joilcan NH70 wp

  The Joilcan NH70 is a full sized tripod.  I already have a small table top tripod i use for headshot videos but I wanted a tripod I could use for my lens reviews.  I typically do what is called “coffee table reviews”.  I use a small coffee table where i have a couple of vintage lenses and then I talk about and review the lens.  I didnt want to spend a couple of hundred dollars on an expensive tripod for this simple task so i took a chance on this very budget tripod.  When you go on Amazon for it, it has a ton of positive reviews and it is one of the most highly rated tripods i saw for the money so i took a chance.  This tripod is rated to be able to hold 15 lbs of weight so i figured it could easily take my current video set up (Sony A7C II, Sigma 16-28mm, Tilta cage) that weighs only 2.6 lbs.  After two weeks of using this tripod for my vintage lens reviews here are my thoughts:

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 2.95 LBS
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy/Plastic
  • Max Height: 70 inches
  • Can hold up to 15 lbs
  •  Comes with remote control to operate phone
  • Comes with phone mount to mount your phone.

Build Quality:

  • The tripod is made of aluminum alloy and the top part where you mount your camera is made of a somewhat thick plastic.


Price for the Money:

  • For the $28 USD i paid, I got an aluminum tripod with a top made out of thick plastic.  This is a beginner’s tripod.  Its not bad for indoor coffee table reviews.  I am not sure i would use it for anything else.


User Experience:

  • The tripod comes with two plastic screw holders (one spare) for your camera, a phone holder if you want to use it for your phone video recordings, and a small controller to control your phone.  I havent tried this feature and will try it later on.  This honestly could be a good phone tripod.  Yet for what this tripod is being marketed as, a heavy duty tripod i don’t believe that to be the case.  I have had the tripod shake on me on my 2.6 lbs set up.  That has made me a bit nervous so i always have my hand on it when i am recording.  Maybe its just me and maybe i got a bad copy but that should not happen.  I get a little nervous using it as i feel like it might drop my camera/lens.  In the two weeks i have had it I have experienced a couple of  camera “shakes” recording with this tripod so i am going to eventually replace it for my coffee table lens reviews.  What i mean by “shakes” is that even after screwing the camera in, the camera will sometimes either move its head down with the weight of the lens or just move side to side with a slight touch of the tripod.  That is due to the plastic shoe part (in picture) that screws to your camera and connects it to the tripod.  Not strong enough even for this setup.  Its like the saying goes: “You pay what you get for“.  Its not bad but its definitely not great.  Make sure your camera is fully screwed on this tripod or it might drop your set up.  If you are careful with it and know its limitations you should not have any problems with it.   Joilcan makes other tripods that are probably better than this one no doubt.

The Lens Hooche Verdict

  This tripod is a tripod made for a beginner who is barely getting their first camera/lens and wants to learn how to use  a tripod.  Its not a bad tripod at all, even though sometimes it did feel a bit flimsy.  I cant risk dropping my main camera on this tripod so i always did have a hand on it in part when recording my lens reviews.  For your first tripod give it a try.  I liked it enough for my simple coffee table reviews despite the “shake” issues but that is pretty much it.  I would not use it for anything else and definitely not on a pricey camera/lens setup.  If you are spending over $800 on your camera, get a better tripod even if its your first one.

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