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FotodioX Pro AR-EOS Adapter Review


  The FotodioX Pro AR – EOS adapter is an adapter made for Canon EOS cameras to be able to shoot Konica Hexanon lenses.  I have two konica lenses (28mmm & 52mm) so I asked FotodioX Pro to see if I could borrow it to shoot my canon 1D Mark III with this adapter and lenses.  The Canon 1D MKIII is obviously an older camera but it can still shoot some wonderful canon colors.  I wanted to see if this is still true with these two lenses and adapter.


Features of the FotodioX Pro AR-EOS Adapter:

  • Mounts Konica Hexanon lenses to Canon EOS (EF,EF-S) lenses.
  • Per Fotodiox, this adapter has no play, gap or wiggling when mounted.  In my testing, i can confirm.
  • Construction: All Metal with chrome plated brass mounts.
  • Only comes with rear cap.
  • Compatible with  Canon EOS DSLR Cameras.
  • Warranty:  2 years.
  • Note: This is a manual adapter so electronic connections wont work with your camera.

Build Quality:

  •  The construction is all metal with chrome plates brass mounts.  It fit both of my lenses to camera with no shake, wiggle.  More importantly I saw no distortion on my images.


Price for the Money:

  • This adapter currently goes for $44.95.  Fear not, i got you with a 10% discount.  Its very well made and I cant recommend it enough (videos and images below).


User Experience:

  • This is a very well made adapter.  Ive used it for a couple of weeks to test my Canon 1D Mark III with my Konica lenses and it passed all my tests.  I didnt see any distortion that could have been caused by the adapter on any of my images, there was no shake when attaching the adapter to my Konica lenses and more importantly I did not notice it was there when shooting the camera.  It is what you want in an adapter, to forget about its existence while you are out and shooting.  I really like it and see myself shooting it as I grow my Konica lens collection.
Shots on Konica 28mm: 

Shots on Konica 52mm:

Video Konica 28mm on FotodioX Pro AR -EOS Adapter:

Video Konica 52mm on FotodioX Pro AR -EOS Adapter:

Video Unboxing FotodioX Pro AR -EOS Adapter:

The Lens Hooche Verdict

  If you have Konica lenses this is one of the adapters I would consider for my Canon EOS camera.  Its very well made, it allowed me to shoot my older Canon 1D Mark III with no issues what so ever.  I will eventually go on the streets for a street tests and will add those images on this post but just look at the beautiful shots I got with this combo on botanical tests.  This adapter did a good job for both of my Konica lenses.  I recommend it.

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