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LENS HOOCHE (NEWS – 2/29/24)

LensHooche - News


Hello everyone,

currently i am working on a few things to finish out the website.  The first review (Helios 44 – 2) will be completed this week as well as we are moving to a new domain ( and that move will be completed within the next week.  I appreciate your patience.  Once that is done i have about 17 lenses i want to review for you all.  They all range from Minolta,Nikon, Pentax,Sigma,Viltrox and Canon (FL & FD).  Most of these are vintage glass with the exception of Sigma (16-28mm) and Viltrox (85mm).  I plan to get about 1 review a week minimum but will shoot for two.  


Thank you again for your patience as I get the website rolled out.

– Marco

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