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Lens Hooche Reviews Lens/Adapter Giveaway

Lens Hooche Giveaway WP 1 (1)


Will be giving away a Super Takumar 55 1:2 along with a FotodioX Pro M42 adapter for most systems.  Check details out at lenshooche instagram or here (Starts Monday 04/29/2024):

🐾 Capture your furry friends in their natural element! Whether it’s a playful pose, a candid moment, or a quirky expression, let your creativity flow. (U.S Only for this one folks.  Will shoot for international next time)


  1. Post your pet photo on your feed.
  2. Use hashtag #GetOut&📸
  3. Tag your friends who might want to participate.
  4. Follow @lens_hooche_reviews and @fotodioxpro

Creativity Tips:

  • Experiment with angles, lighting, and composition.
  • Capture your pet’s personality.
  • Feel free to edit or apply filters, but keep it natural and pet-friendly.


  • Super Takumar 1:2/55
  • FotodioX Pro M42 adapter for your system

Deadline: Friday 05-03-24

Winner announced: Monday 05-06-24

Join the fun and celebrate the joy of pet photography! 🐾📸


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