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Nikon Nikkor 35mm 2.8 Review with Sony A7C II?

Nikon Nikkor 35mm WP


   The Nikon Nikkor F 35mm 2.8 Lens is a lens i decided to pick up to continue my journey into vintage lenses.  After picking up a bunch of Helios/Super Takumar’s I wanted to start with Nikon.  There are a ton of these lenses out there you can use on your new system by using a lens adapter.   I found a fotasy adapter on Ebay and thought i would pick it up for this lens.  I was very lucky in getting this lens with its original box.  The lens looks practically new when i opened it up and took it out for a spin outside.  It takes very good close up images.  The further you get, the more likely you will see some chromatic aberration on your images. This lens was a cultural icon and has been featured in films, documentaries (“War Photographer”(2001)) but how does it perform today?  lets find out.


Technical Specifications:

  • Focal Length: 35mm
  • Aperture: F/2.8-F/22
  • Lens Construction: Metal
  • Weight: 200g-300g
  • Filter Thread Size: 52mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: about 1 foot.
  • Compatibility:  This is a Non-AI lens.  You will need an adapter if you are using a modern camera.

Build Quality:

  • This lens has a nice weight to it.  Not too heavy, not too light either.  There is a combination of metal and plastic construction on this lens.


Price for the Money:

  • I paid $48.49 which included taxes and shipping on Ebay.  I love that it came with the original box.  No top lens cap but it did come with a lens filter i am using as a lens cap cover until i find the original lens cap.


User Experience:

  • This lens was made for Nikon Non-AI cameras.  You will need a Non-AI lens adapter for your camera system.  I love the close up shots you get with this 35mm.  The further out, you will see a bit of distortion but still this is a lovely lens, specially for the price at which you can get it at.  The images below were taken at Imperial Beach Ca.  I.B has gone through a major rebuild these last couple of years and its a very nice place to go visit with a few bars and restaurants and of course the beach.

The Lens Hooche Verdict

I love this lens.  Its relatively easy to get the focus you want and works very well for close up photography.  As you notice in the shots I took, the further out I went the more likely you will see its faults.  Keep it close and you will love what you get for the price you pay.  Be patient when you are shopping for it and you will get a good deal on it.  Give these Nikkor’s a shot and you wont regret it.  I have two more of these to review so hang tight, more vintage lens reviews incoming.

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