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The Peak Design Cuff | A User Review

Peak Design Cuff


  The Peak Design Wrist Strap Cuff is a purchase i had to make because a week prior I dropped my camera from my coffee table.  I was half asleep and turned my leg toward my coffee table and the camera fell to the floor.  I had a lens adapter attached to it as well as a helios lens I had just gotten from Ebay.  As the camera was dropping to the floor in slow motion, I prayed inside my mind and begged the all mighty to please protect the camera.  I have a tilta cage attached to it at all times so that protected both the camera and lens from any damage.  I was lucky.  I knew then and there I needed to protect my $2k plus investment at all costs, specially when I’m out testing lenses.  I have bumped into people before but I always make sure I have a good grip on the camera.  I don’t want to worry about any accidents on my gear as I currently have no insurance protection so I needed to get something to protect my camera and lenses from any accidents while I’m using it outside of my home.  Enter the Peak Design Wrist Strap Cuff.  Is this thing comfortable, can it keep my gear from hitting the floor in case of an accident?

Technical Specifications:

  •  This strap can hold up to 90KG (200lbs) of camera equipment, stows inside as a bracelet so you can keep it on and uses the same anchors for all other peak design products.  I own a peak design slide so i really like that I can just keep my anchors on all my cameras and use both products whenever i want.

Build Quality:

  •  The wrist strap is made of 100% Nylon.  Peak Design has a limited lifetime manufacturers warranty on this product.  Make sure you register it when you buy it.


Price for the Money:

  • I got this thing on sale for $28.  You can get it here for $35 on Amazon.  I have two links posted for you if you want to get it.  I like it.  It protects my camera from my mess ups whenever im out shooting my vintage lenses.


User Experience:

  • I have been using the cuff for all my lens reviews.  Its comfortable and most important for me, I dont know its there when i use it.  I do have two Canon 1Ds i dont think i would use this with because of the weight of those cameras, even though this product is rated for up to 200 lbs, heavier cameras are a bit uncomfortable for it.  I love this on my Sony A7C II and A7 II.  Those cameras are light enough for my wrist to be ok with their weight.  Usually I carry a tilta cage, lens adapter, camera with this and its light enough for me to not notice the strap much.

The Lens Hooche Verdict

  I like this product.  It protects my camera when im out and about taking shots.  If someone bumps into me by mistake I know the camera will stay close enough to my wrist if it falls from my hand, and most importantly, it will not hit the ground.  This is $35.  I would wait for a sale.  If you want it now i have the link below for you to get it.  I recommend it for small set ups.  Protect your camera from accidental bumps with people with this.  

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