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Vanguard Vesta GO T 233 Tripod | Review

Vanguard Vesta GO T


   I had contacted Vanguard a couple of weeks ago about some potential product reviews and luckily I contacted them at the beginning of their new product release cycle, at least when it comes to tripods.   They are in the process of releasing a new line of tripods so Marketing asked to be in touch soon.  A week after that they sent me one of their new line of table top tripods, The Vesta GO T 233.  The Vanguard Vesta GO T 233 AP (AP is their aluminum model) Table Top tripod is a small tripod designed to be portable and to get you either a low shot or to be used on a table for recording videos/photography.

Technical Specifications:

  • Folded Height: 10.2 Inches | 260mm
  • Extended Height: 22.7 inches
  • Standard Height: 18.2 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Head: VEO PH-24
  • Quick Shoe: QS-55P
  • Tube Diameter: 23mm
  • Material: Aluminum alloy (Carbon fiber option available)
  • Max Load: 6.6 lbs

Build Quality:

  • This table top tripod has a nice weight to it.  I went outside a couple of times to take some macro shots with a canon FD 50mm macro lens and had a little bit of wind behind me.  The tripod stood still and i didnt even have to add a weight to it (does have a hook you can ad a weight to if you are in windy conditions to stabilize).  Each leg of the tripod comes with two rubber/metal wheels for you to adjust the height of the tripod to your desired height.  Each foot is covered with a rubber end.
  • Whats in the Box:  Tripod, Head with quick shoe, storage bag and smartphone holder,4mm wrench for adjusting tripod leg tension and 3mm wrench for adding/removing a tripod head.  The phone holder can hold my Iphone 13 in vertical mode with no problems.  The storage bag is a nice blue bag with foam designed to protect the tripod.


Price for the Money:

  • The Vanguard Vesta GO T tripod will cost you $109.99 for the aluminum option and $129.99 for the carbon fiber option.  The tripods will release June 18th 2024.


User Experience:

  • This is a very small tripod.  I never thought of owning one until i started using it outside for shooting some of the flowers in the backyard with my vintage manual lenses.  As you know, it takes time to get the settings right for a good shot with an older manual lens.  Bending down constantly was a pain in my back until i used this tripod for close up ground shots.  I got the level i wanted, the settings i wanted on the camera/lens and then just shot away with only having to bend over once for the shot i wanted after setting up.  I have a shaky hand too so this tripod solved this problem for me.  Inside my home I have been using it for my talking head videos.  It fits right on my desk with a minimal footprint.  It easily takes the weight of my camera and lens (Sony A7C II, Sigma 16-28mm) with no issues.  That combination weighs 2.6 lbs and this tripod is rated for 6.6 lbs so I never had a problem with it; zero shake during my recordings and macro photography sessions.  After i am done using it I just store it in its nice little blue bag and I just put it away.  You can store this thing anywhere with how small it is.  The legs on the tripod can be adjusted to 3 angles (20,50,80 degrees) to set it to your specifications.
  • My favorite part about this tripod are the head and quick shoe.  They are both super sturdy.  The quick shoe plate is made out of metal and holds the weight I have thrown at it easily.  Ive had tripods with plastic quick shoes before and have had problems with them bending down with gear on top.  You want your gear secured; this head and quick shoe combination look/feel very solid.  You should get years of use from it with no issues.
Vesta GO T 233 AP: 

Vesta GO T 233 AP Unboxing: 

Vesta GO T 233 AP for Macro Photography: 

The Lens Hooche Verdict

This is a very well made aluminum alloy tripod from top to bottom.  If you need to get down on the floor for close up shots with macro/micro photography this may be the tripod for you, especially with the weight hook you can use.  This can also cover you  for recordings like cooking videos, head shot videos.  The uses for this tripod are endless.  It comes out soon so keep an eye out on Vanguard’s website for its release on June 18th 2024.


*Update:  Due to shipping delays release has been changed to June 25th 2024.

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