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Delkin Devices SD UHS-II V60 128GB Memory Card Review


   The Delkin Devices V60 Prime 128GB was a memory card sent to me via Delkin Devices marketing team for review.  They also sent their top of the line V90 Power and I took both of them out for the month of May to see what the deal is with having top of the line sd cards for once (lol).  I dont mind the cheaper UHS-I alterrnatives but for faster data transfers and 8k video these were made to handle those tasks.  I shot the V60 Prime mainly for photography on my Sony A7 II and I also tested it for video on Sony A7C II to see if it could handle it (it did).  Both cards can be used for video but the Power is just faster.  


Technical Specifications:

  • Storage Capacity: 128GB
  • Bus Type: UHS-II
  • Speed Class: V60 / U3 / Class 10
  • Maximum Read Speed: 300 MB/s
  • Maximum Write Speed: 100 MB/s
  • Minimum Write Speed: 60 MB/s

Build Quality:

  • This memory card is waterproof shockproof and x-ray proof.  For those of you living in rough environments or heading to a rough environment this is a must and Delkin Devices offers that and a Lifetime Warranty.   Optimized for 8K, 4K, and Full HD 1080p video capture, as well as raw photos and rapid-fire bursts. It’s perfect for DSLRs, camcorders, and 360° cameras, supporting advanced modes like raw + JPEG captures and simultaneous recording of multiple file types.  


Price for the Money:

  • At the time of writing this blog post this card costs $32.99 on Amazon.  The competitor at UHS-I costs $2 less.  This card can record 8k, the other cannot.  Theres nothing wrong with UHS-I cards but you have to keep in mind those cards are made for stills only.  For a couple of dollars more you can record 8k video with faster read and write speeds.


User Experience:

  • I experienced zero dropped images or video with this card as well.  Even switching this card over to my Sony A7C II to record a lens review video to test it on YouTube I found that it just works and gives me the recording quality i need (just need a lighting set up now).  For this reason alone, Im switching to UHS-II and Delkin Devices at this price point.  This card hits the sweet spot at what it brings for the memory/price.

Delkin Devices Secure Digital Memory Cards

The Lens Hooche Verdict

   Awesome memory card.  I am a hybrid shooter, more on the 60/40 spectrum leaning more towards photography.  For me, if I had to choose one card only this would be the card at 128GB for the price vs the 64GB Power i tested.  I am cheap so I am ok saving $4. I will take the extra 64GB and give up some write/read speeds.  If you want top of the line, want to record up to 8K with excellent read/write speeds go with the Delkin Devices Power line up.  Cant go wrong with either card, both delivered.  Or better yet, get both.

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